Real Talk With The Ms’s

Fight the War Within

December 29, 2020

Miranda Briggs founded the Fight the War Within Foundation in 2020, two years after the loss of her husband, SPC Garrett Briggs, USA (Ret.), to the 22 a Day veteran suicide epidemic. The loss occurred just two short weeks after the birth of their daughter, Essex. Miranda, though devastated by the loss of her love, overcame the tragedy and turned her grief into a call to action, to save others from the same fate as Garrett.


1) Stop Soldier Suicide (case management and resource connection):
2) Give an Hour (confidential counseling with counselors who volunteer their time around the nation):
3) Hicks Strong: (a non-profit that finds confidential virtual counseling):
4) H.E.R.O.E.S Cares (emergency financial aid):

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